Jessie Michaels

Jessie Michaels - 08.22.2014

New on board.

Jessie Michaels is a 16 year old singer/songwriter. She’s been entertaining professionally since age 11, with over 200 performances in the SW Florida area, and National Anthem appearances for the Boston Red Sox and other teams. At age 13, Jessie was awarded the Key to the City of Naples, for using her voice to help raise awareness for worthy causes including beast cancer awareness, and bullying and suicide prevention in teens.

In the summer of 2013, after being told by a local theatre that her voice was not what they wanted, Jessie carved out a home studio from a spare bedroom and began a YouTube Channel to take her voice to the worldwide stage. Since then, Jessie has uploaded over 115 popular cover songs on her Youtube Channel. This effort quickly earned her a great deal of online popularity. An avid songwriter, she is currently working to record original songs, which she plans to begin releasing in 2014 / 2015.

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Enø AJ

Enø AJ - 08.22.2014

New on board.

Enøghene Ajueyitsi has been a musician since he learned how to speak. In his busy youth, with the support of his parents, Enø sang in a classic choir that performed in DC's Kennedy Center, played percussion in the Washington Youth Orchestra and performed as a drummer in the Duke Ellington New Washingtonian Jazz Ensemble for Dave Chappelle & Wynton Marsalis. He then attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music and received a scholarship for his outstanding talent as a drummer..

While attending his first semester at Berklee, Enø djed and created the school's first Hip Hop and R&B show. This led him to DJ at other colleges, corporate parties, private events and eventually Boston's biggest night-clubs including Estate, Goodlife, Liv, Saint and Verve Lounge.

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Uyanga Bold

Uyanga Bold - 08.22.2014

New on board.

Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine and nominated Female Singer of the Year 2013 by Cosmo Mongolia, Uyanga is an international vocalist, composer and arranger, known for her distinctive emotive and improvisatory vocals inspired by traditional Mongolian singing. Uyanga is also recognized for her ethnic performance in a live arrangement of Hans Zimmer’s Batman: The Dark Knight suite with the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra at the Masterpiece concert in Bucharest, Romania.

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Logik - 08.22.2014

New on board.

LogiK- from Berkley, CA was exposed to live music from an early age, seeing everyone from The Rolling Stones to Snoop Dogg.

He became enamored with the process and the music. Appearing on the scene in 2009 with the debut album "I Got This Little Problem...", Logik meshes approachable hip hop with unexpectedly alternative instrumentation, deeply truthful lyrics, and a voice made of gravel.

Just having released "THE REVENGE!", Logik is back in true form. Hes toured with Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony. Spice1, Twisted Insane, Luni Coleone, King Gordy, and more.

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Sanah Moithutty

Sanah Moithutty - 08.22.2014

New on board.

Sanah Moithutty is an upcoming singer/performer from Mumbai, India. She has worked on various Bollywood projects with renowned composers/producers. Having done over a 1000 stage shows, she has an impressive profile in the live music scenario.

Music happened to her at a very early age. As a child, the perfection with which she clapped along with the beats of a song and the speed with which she picked up any melody showed that she had a natural flair for music. She gave her first stage performance at the age of six.

Her first ever teacher and inspiration was her mother, who is a very good singer herself. Sanah then went on to learn Carnatic music for six years and Hindustani music for seven years to hone her skills. She is currently learning Western music as well.

Apart from being a musician, Sanah is also a computer engineer. She has a keen eye for photography and loves to write. Animals, nature and philosophy fascinate her.

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Molly Connors

Molly Connors - 08.22.2014

New on board.

Molly Connors was born on February 25th 1992, raised in Shepparton, a small country town of Ausrtralia. She is a singer, songwriter and recording artist.

Molly discovered her talent and passion for music from a very young age.

Listening to all different genres of music and her interest blessed from there. Molly started singing lessons at 6 years of age and continued all through her teenage years. It wasn't Untill late high school Molly stepped out from the singing choir and backup and went into the lead spotlight. In 2010 Molly graduated school and started to play locally at bars and venues to get her name out there it didn't take long Untill people noticed the musically talented Molly and booked her for shows, weddings and gigs.

2013 Molly became a part of a duo with two vocalist David Bell and herself with David playing the guitar and Molly, the piano. The two have a lot of history with music and have combined their talents. In 2014, Molly as passed the auditions for xfactor Australia but left at boot camp.

Kashia Vu

Kashia Vu - 08.22.2014

New on board.

Born into a family of talents in the arts, Kashia Vu aspires to use her creativity to bring joy and peace into the hearts of others.

She has been fascinated with music and film since a young age, and has been experimenting with her own musical abilities for as long as she can remember. She took three years of high school choir and three years of private piano lessons.

She currently resides in California, where she is currently studying in college. She wishes to study music composition and songwriting in the future and to give others the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Some of her favorite music to create and listen to are film scores and similar sounds, world music, pop music, and the sounds of the 90s, but she'll give anything a listen.

Basia Krol

Basia Krol - 08.22.2014

On board.

Basia Krol was born on January 27, 1984, raised in Raciborz, small city of Poland. She is a singer, songwriter and recording artist.

Basia’s first adventure with music began in her childhood; she kept listening to music in radio and TV and then entertaining class mates at school. Teachers noticed her talents and later on she became every year winner of Children’s Song Festivals in the city. In 1995 Basia started studying at Stanislaw Moniuszko’s Primary Music School, in a cello class. After four years she received large scholarship from president of Raciborz and became the youngest student of Karol Szymanowski’s Music Academy in Katowice, in jazz and popular music singer class. Basia became participant of many singer competitions and festivals around the country and attended TV shows like: “Polish Idol”, “Way to the Stars”, "X Factor", Charles Gleen’s International Gospel Program". Concerted in Japan, India, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Sweden, and Egypt.

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